Due date for this year’s 2020-21 membership renewals extended until September 1st.

MTNA Extends Due Date for Membership Renewals
In recognition of the severe financial hardships many of our members are currently experiencing, the MTNA Board of Directors has voted to extend the due date for this year’s 2020-21 membership renewals. The traditional due date has been July 1, the beginning of the membership year. The Board, under its authority from Article III Section 3 of the MTNA Bylaws, has extended this year’s due date until September 1.
The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on music teachers and their income. As a result of social distancing orders, many are unable to teach in their studios. Some have taken to online teaching, and others have stopped lessons altogether, leading to limited income or, in some cases, no income at all. Adding the burden of membership renewal with a due date in the middle of the crisis was troubling and unnecessary.
The MTNA Board considered several possibilities to provide meaningful financial relief for the membership. However, the relief had to be consistent with the Bylaws, impact the state and local affiliates minimally, and could be implemented without delay. Extending the due date not only provides immediate relief to members during the COVID-19 crisis, it also delays the payment of dues for those in need until September when lessons begin and income is being generated.
The membership will be informed of the due date extension via email later today. Then, the actual dues renewals for the 2020-21 membership year will be emailed to the members on April 23.
The Board is aware that some state and local affiliates may experience some issues with membership directories and other time-sensitive materials. The Board asks for your understanding during this crucial time for our members, the profession, and our society as a whole. These additional two months to pay membership dues will have a very positive impact on our members and our association.
As always, please contact the MTNA National Headquarters if you have questions.
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