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Bangor Symphony Orchestra is auctioning a Schimmel piano.

The Bangor Symphony is auctioning off a beautiful Schimmel piano. It belonged to Marianne Lynch and Dr. Robert Hand.  Brian Catell appraised it at $40,000 and the opening bid is $15,000.  Please help spread the word.  Hopefully there is someone out there in the market for a piano. 

Here is the link with more information and pics:  https://event.auctria.com/3429ebb7-d101-4ea6-bdf4-916b8334de71/a780d600ec2e11e9ae081db830846aa5?24741f002eaa11ebaf6a2d8b31f82afe%2Fq=piano&24741f002eaa11ebaf6a2d8b31f82afe%2FcurrentPage=0&24741f002eaa11ebaf6a2d8b31f82afe%2FselectedItem=a68f8ff3-f34a-43de-8a63-af7dd57ec06b