Fall Evaluations Festivals (for Students)

MaineMTA’s Fall Evaluations Festivals are annual events at which students perform under the auspices of their local MaineMTA chapters: Penobscot Valley Music Teacher Association, Central Maine Music Teachers Association, and a Southern Maine group. Adjudicators provide feedback to all participating students. Dates and locations are announced early each fall.

2018 Recitals

PVMTA’s Student Evaluations Recital will be held at the Orono Church of Universal Fellowship at 82 Main Street in Orono on Saturday, December 1, 2018, at 2:00 pm. Younger students are limited to 5 minutes and older students to 10 minutes. The deadline for registration is November 25, 2018. Contact your MMTA teacher for more information.

CMMTA and the group in Southern Maine will not hold Evaluation Recitals this year.