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Submit news?

We’d love to print news and post pictures of events. Please send possible articles to [email protected]. The executive board reserves the right to edit for length and content and elect not to post material in the rare instance the item is not consistent with the objectives of the website.

It is essential that we all remember that many of our students are children. Kids and parents vary widely in how much of a web presence someone may think is appropriate for themselves or for a child. Please make sure that you have actively obtained permission for public posting of a news item that references a child  or displays their picture. We will not post an item without your assurance that you have done so. Thanks for your understanding.

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Use the pages with embedded PDFs?

Pages with embedded PDFs behave like other pages, with two additional features.

You may scroll between pages using the controls in the upper left part of the document, as shown here:

PDFs are embedded in MMTA pages because they often need to be downloaded. The download link is at the bottom left of the page, as shown here:

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See a list of active members?

You must be a member of the MMTA. Log in to our website and then visit the page again. If you have forgotten or lost your password, use the lost password link. If you aren’t a member, and would like to join, click here.

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Update my Find a Teacher Settings on the MTNA website?

Navigate to and sign in using your username and password. You will be brought to your profile page. Part of the way down the page are find a teacher setting. You will see what your current settings are: whether to be visible at all in the search, whether or not to suppress your email, and whether or not to surpress your phone number. If you wish to change the settings, click on the pencil, as shown by the arrow.

Once in edit mode, set the check boxes as you wish and enter the subjects you teach. There is a maximum of three. When complete, you make sure you have saved and either exit the website or visit other MTNA resources.

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